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Scope of Archival Holdings

Scope of Archival Holdings

The Reserve Bank Archives holds a significant collection of records dating from 1824 to the present. These records reflect both the breadth of the functions performed by a central bank and the history of the Bank as an institution. The archives also hold a number of records that predate the Bank and have come into the custody of the archives through amalgamations with other banks.

Topical series of digitised records are available on Unreserved and recent releases are highlighted on the home page. The full scope of the Reserve Bank’s archival holdings can be understood through an examination of the parent series.

The parent series reflect the high level arrangement of the archives and the different entities responsible for the creation of the records. The Parent Series Indexes provide more information about these entities and display the hierarchy of component series created by them. Each Index includes a description of the parent series, a listing of all the series it contains as well as details of the sub-series within these series.

Browse the Parent Series Indexes below to discover more about the full scope of the Reserve Bank Archives.

Bank Governors and Senior Personnel

Commonwealth Bank Branches

Commonwealth Bank Departments

Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australia

Reserve Bank Branches

Reserve Bank Departments

State Savings Banks

The following series are not part of the above parent series hierarchies. Information about these series is only contained within the Series Guides.

Government Savings Bank of New South Wales

Savings Bank of New South Wales

London Letters