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Access Policy

Access Policy

The Reserve Bank complies with the provisions of the Archives Act 1983 and provides public access to records 20 years from the date of their creation, as outlined in the Access Policy245KB. However, in most instances, the Bank goes further to make records available to the public 15 years from their creation date, with this early release at the Bank's discretion.

To facilitate access to archival records, you can:

  • Email a Reserve Bank Archivist with your detailed research enquiry.
  • Visit the Reserve Bank Archives to view and research original records. This service is by appointment only.
  • Order digital copies of selected original records.

Staff act as intermediaries between researchers and the information, locating and providing records as appropriate and supervising the use of the records. When submitting a research enquiry or request to visit the Reserve Bank Archives Research Room, you should ensure you provide a written enquiry detailing the nature of the information required. The Archivists will assess whether there is appropriate material to meet the request. If so, they will contact you to arrange a time to visit.

Details on how to contact the Bank’s Archivist can be found here.