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To assist users of Unreserved in understanding the collection or finding specific information within the collection two types of guides are available: Series Guides and Research Guides.

Series Guides

The Series Guides provide information about the context, content and arrangement of the series that have been released on Unreserved. This includes a description of the scope of the series, the main types of materials that can be found in the series as well as historical, organisational and biographical information relating to the series and how it was created. The Guides also provide the user with details of the properties of the series including the date range of the records, the entity that created them, their physical format and options for accessing the records.

The full selection of Series Guides available on Unreserved can be viewed here.

Research Guides

The Research Guides bring together records and collection items from across the archives relating to topics which may be of interest to researchers. The Guides provide an explanation of the topic and its relevance to the Bank as well as suggested keyword searches to assist with further research. The topics reflect the research interests of existing users of the Bank’s archives as well as revealing topics that, to date, have had little public exposure.

The topics covered in the Research Guides have been broadly categorised as relating to a person, event or collection. The full selection of Research Guides available on Unreserved can be viewed here.