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Reserve Bank of Australia Archives
Counting cancelled notes prior to burning in the Burn Count Room, Note Issue Branch, Fitzroy, c.1958Watercolour sketch of the 3rd floor lounge in the new Reserve Bank head office, c.1964Blotter designed by Vernon Lorimer of the Commonwealth Bank’s Advertising Department, c.1930-50sAn installation of archival photographs at the Reserve Bank’s head office, Martin Place, as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations in 2010; photographed by Peter Tabor, March 2011Looking north east from the 15th floor during construction of the new Reserve Bank head office, 27 July 1962Establishment Department typing pool, c.1960–64

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Unreserved is the online platform to access the Reserve Bank of Australia Archives. Unreserved allows you to directly access digitised copies of selected archival records as well as information about our entire archival collection.

The Reserve Bank is custodian of a rich and varied archive of records that spans nearly 200 years of Australia’s economic, financial and social history – from the convict era through to more recent times. This is because the Reserve Bank descended from the original Commonwealth Bank of Australia which had a central banking function and had absorbed other banks with a colonial history.

In addition to directly searching the Archives, there are Research and Series Guides for each Collection. Not all items in our Archives have yet been digitised. As our digitisation program progresses, new content will be uploaded to Unreserved and some will be showcased in Explore our Records. You can subscribe to receive updates.

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